Have you eaten a meal at Midtown Caboose lately, or stopped in for a drink? We’d love to hear about your experience. Please use the comment form below to let us know what you thought of your time spent at Midtown Caboose.

16 Comments about the Midtown Caboose.

  1. Louella N Scott Says:

    I’m visiting your establishment tomorrow for the first time. Why am I writting this before sampling your food? Because I just read your menu and am excited to be coming to try some of the tempting items I’ve just read on your website. Believe me when I tell you eating out is not usually exciting for me. Til now. If even half of your menu tastes as good as it sounds. You’ll have a steady customer with me.

  2. Aidan White Says:

    I went with my best friend and our 2 one year olds I have never had better service! They were the kindest and most attentive staff. To top it of they made me want to try new things and thatโ€™s very rare and it was all for a great price. Even though we live out of state we will be back and bringing our husbands and friends.

  3. greg Says:

    Probably one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had, seriously. I never add my 2 cents to a review. But this place is amazing. Good service, excellent food! It reminds me of S&B Burger joint but 10X better.
    There’s an empty restaurant next to Millers Ale on the parkway….maybe another one? Pleeeeez!

  4. Collin P. Says:

    Just finished up my fourth visit, and have loved every burger that I have ever tried. Side items are all amazing, and the variety in sauces impressive. I have learned, however, that if I want to eat here, I need to plan to wait about 45 min from the time I order until the food is brought to the table whether the dining room is full or relatively empty. Works fine if you are laid back and not in a rush, but can get frustrating to wait that long. However, the food is so good that I will keep coming back, but please work on improving the efficiency of your wait staff.

  5. Angela Says:

    For the first time on Wednesday I ordered lunch from y’all, and I was beyond pleased.

    I am not very adventurous or daring with food, but I went ahead and ordered The Count of Monkey Cristo, and I have to tell you it was the MOST AMAZING THING I have ever eaten in my life. I am a fan and you have become the number 1 spot on my list of favorite places to eat! I have never been so excited about trying as much as I can on your menu. I have been advertising for you telling everyone to go try y’all out! It was really out of this world. Keep up with the great food, and coming up with incredible menu items that you won’t find anywhere else and dares customers to go outside of their comfort zones. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Susan S Says:

    DON’T GO! … You will become addicted to the burgers!!! It started with sit down dinners and now it has escalated to take-out in-between the sit downs. I am working through the menu … have yet to find something that I do not love. A menu that pleases EVERYONE in our family, including the no-red-meat eater and the vegetarian. The combinations of ingredient pairings is very clever. Best coleslaw – anywhere! I look forward to seeing more great things from these Wells Brothers in the future of the Tally restaurant line-ups!

  7. Alex Cloutier Says:

    The meatball sub brought tears to my eyes…by far the most delicious sub I have ever consumed (and that’s saying something, I eat a lot).
    Much love!!! Will order again!

  8. Jessica Muhammad Says:

    The BEST tasting Veggie Chili, I have ever!!!! Just awesome!

  9. Donna Letton Says:

    We came to the Midtown Caboose for my husband’s 65th birthday with a crowd. The website said “no reservations” so I didn’t make any, but found out when we got there that I should have. They were packed with several other parties. We figured we would have to find another place, buts couple of the waitresses figured out a way for us to fit in. They were terrific and we were able to enjoy his birthday and some outstanding food. Thanks! We’ll be back!

  10. Donna Says:

    shrimp po-boy. I have to be gluten free and it was great to finally find a place that I can have a burger or po-boy. It was great and very close to home. If you eat too much just take a walk around Lake Ella. Perfect! Oh, Gluten Free Beer too. Not by choice but by neccessity unfortunately but at least I can eat at the Midtown Caboose and not have to have a salad.

  11. Greg White Says:

    Enjoyed lunch today. The side salad with my burger was very good and quite generous. Our server, Sophia, was wonderful. Very helpful with the menu, checked on us, and very friendly and cheerful. A fine experience overall.

  12. Ashley Says:

    Amazing service and food!!!

  13. Jana Says:

    A group of ten (including me) arrived at the very busy Midtown Caboose at 7pm on a Thursday night. Our large group was welcomed and seated comfortably within 15 minutes…beautiful! Thank you so much for the great service, wonderful atmosphere and delicious food!

  14. Alyssa Says:

    Went on the third day it was open and loved the atmosphere, there were about ten things on the menu I wanted to try, and our waitress was great. I tried the chick-flick and it was amazing and drank angry orchard. With only three days open my waitress hadn’t heard any reviews of the other things I wanted to try yet so hopefully I will get to try something new next time! Loved sitting outside too!

  15. Janet Stringer Says:

    I was a huge Paradise fan, so I was very sad to see it close, but seeing the new establishment with the beautiful tin, the red, and the choo-choo train look, I am happy again! What a great location. We are anxious to try out the food and I’m crossing my fingers (much like The Wailin’ Wolves Band) that great live music will be played there once again. I was sad when my dancing spot was closed but hopefully I can “get-down” again! ๐Ÿ™‚ Looks like a wonderful place for a Friday out venue with a great drink, a great burger, and great classic rock tunes to hear on the back porch. I hope, I hope!! Good luck to y’all and thank you for bringing that block back to life (and thanks to CRA Architects for designing something so cool)!

  16. Bert Calderon and Shaw From Says:

    We stopped by today and saw what looks like an incredible concept and restaurant/ bar. Our band, the Wailin’ Wolves Band played at the Paradise Bar and Grill regularly for over 2 years and miss the venue. Wjat you have done to the look and character is amazing and refreshing. Menu options look great and we wish you all the best of luck and success at your grand opening. We are looking forward to trying your food and experiencing your great atmosphere. Should you decide to have live music we would love the opportunity to become part of your regular rotation.
    Love your logo and much succees,
    Bert Calderon and Shaw From
    The Wailin’ Wolves Band
    229 364-7129

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